city of trees

Which Blink-182 song best describes your love life?

Ever wondered which Blink-182 song fits with your love life? Take our quiz and find out!
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The Greeting Committee, Sacramento, City of Trees 2017

City of Trees Artist Profile: The Greeting Committee

The Greeting Committee is one of five bands who will be taking the stage this year at City of Trees. You’ve probably heard their song “Hands Down,” an upbeat indie-pop song, which was our 6th most liked song of 2016! The Greeting Committee is a Kansas-based indie quartet which came together when...
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City of Trees 2018

AGREEMENT TO RECEIVE MEDIA CREDENTIALS In consideration of the opportunity to attend City of Trees at Papa Murphy’s Park (“ Venue ”) on September 22, 2018 (“ Event ”) as a member of the media, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I (“ Media Member ”), intending to be legally bound,...
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