Real Time Music Survey is back!

You're in control all this week!

The Real Time Music Survey is back all week!

At ALT 94.7, we want to know what you want to hear. Our listeners rate the music we play on ALT 94.7 every day by texting LIKE or DISLIKE to 31858. This really helps us get to know what you want to hear!  But the week-long Real Time Music Survey is your opportunity to voice your opinion on an even wider selection of songs. And if a song gets enough DISLIKES, it will be yanked off the air in real time!

Here's how texting your vote works...
You can help us pick which songs we play, which songs we play more, less and which songs we toss all together just by texting your vote!

When you hear a song you like on ALT 94.7, text LIKE to 31858.

If you hear a song you want played more, text MORE to 31858.

If you hear a song you don’t like, text DISLIKE to 31858.

If you hear a song you want played less, text LESS to 31858.

Remember, your vote only counts if you text while the song is playing.

It all wraps up with DISLIKED on Sunday at 3:00pm! On Sunday, we're playing this week's most disliked songs at 3:00pm until we've ran out! However long DISLIKED lasts this Sunday is up to the Real Time Music Survey results! Will they stay in rotation? Or be dropped forever? 

We don’t charge for rating songs, but your standard messaging rates apply. Remember texting and driving is dangerous and illegal, so don’t do it.