SF Restaurant Ordered To Remove Controversial Plastic Domes

A San Francisco restaurant that had been serving dinner outside under plastic domes has been ordered to take them down by the city's public health department.

You might recall hearing about Hashiri's $200-per-person dinners earlier this month. The fine dining spot in Mint Plaza near 5th and Mission St. had put the igloo-looking structures smack dab in an area where homeless people often gather in an effort to continue service outdoors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Once the domes made headlines, the San Francisco Chronicle reports the sushi restaurant got hate mail from people who said the management was 'anti-homeless.' 

Hashiri General Manager Kenichiro Matsuura told the paper it’s believed someone may have anonymously complained to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, leading to a surprise visit from one of its officers.

Igloo-like plastic dining bubbles line San Francisco's Mint Plaza outside sushi eatery Hashiri in early August.
Megan Goldsby/KCBS Radio

Matsuura alluded to the same homelessness issue when talking to KCBS Radio’s Megan Goldsby about the domes in early August.

"We realized the issues we encountered, we already knew," Matsuura explained at the time. "But that was the major kind of turning point is that we had to seclude our guests from the ongoing activities here."

The official reason given for the order to remove the plastic domes is adequate air flow within the temporary structures, even though they have two windows and a door and seating capacity for up to four people.

The restaurant reportedly spent over $4,000 on the domes. 

Hashiri remains open for dinner.