Restaurants In San Mateo, Santa Clara Counties Reopening

Shelter-in-place orders are being loosened in San Mateo County where, among other things, diners can start eating outside again this weekend.

It may take a little time for the businesses to get up to speed.

On a normally-bustling Burlingame Ave., many businesses were still boarded up with plywood due to the recent protests as the new health order came down allowing for outdoor dining beginning Saturday. Pizzeria Delfina has giant yellow umbrellas set up - but there are no tables or chairs underneath.

Manager Sean French told KCBS Radio he’s not sure when outdoor dining will start.

"To be determined," French said. "We are going to meet with the owners Friday and see what’s going on but we want to get open as soon as possible."

What that will look like is unclear.

"Our sidewalk had about eight tables before so we might expand, maybe do a couple more tables lining the business," French explained. "I hear they might be closing off Burlingame Ave. for parking."

Customers will see things like contactless payment, QR codes on the tables to access the menu, disposable menus and possible mobile ordering.

That would allow for tables in the street, but could create accessibility issues. Due to continued social distancing guidelines, tables must be six feet apart. As restrictions ease, other businesses are impacted. Outdoor funerals can increase from 10 to 25 people in attendance, nd charter boats can open for passenger service with social distancing.

Outdoor dining restarts Friday in Santa Clara County.