Oakland Brewery Goes Retro To Add Contactless Experience

The sign on the new Beer-O-Mat at Temescal Brewing in Oakland reads: "Fresh Beer...no jerks!"

"A lot of people ask 'Hey, is this like a laundromat? What are you going for here?'’ Owner Sam Gilbert said.

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Temescal is going for an automat-like look - one of those restaurants from the 1950's where customers could grab a slice of pie or a sandwich for themselves from self-service food cubbies. But instead of diner food, this one's got beer.

Temescal Brewing in Oakland shows off its new
Matt Bigler/KCBS Radio

All you need is a taste for suds and your smartphone.

"You’ll get a text message that your food is ready," Gilbert explained. "At which point, you can go over to the beer-o-mat, look for your table number and you’ll see all of your cans and bottles and delicious things ready for you to grab and bring back to your table. It’s as easy as that."

The idea is to provide totally contactless service, which has made it possible for the brewery to reopen its popular patio.

"Just having this place alive again," Gilbert added. "Having people have a chance to be here and see people enjoying our beer, it just feels really good."

Alameda County had requested and was given variance from the state July 15, enabling outdoor dining to reopen after it was initially disallowed only a few days earlier.

Cheers to that.