Famed SF Chef Closes Restaurant Due To COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit prompted another San Francisco restaurant to close.

The french bistro Petit Crenn in the city’s Hayes Valley neighborhood is closing to the public, but only temporarily. The restaurant had been open for takeout.

“Considering that the CDC guideline, it’s not very clear and we don’t really know when we’re going to reopen,” says three Michelin star chef and owner Dominique Crenn. So she decided to pivot her restaurant’s mission. “I just wanted to continue basically my journey of giving back to the community.”

The 38-seat dining room closed earlier this week, but on Tuesday the kitchen will open so that Crenn and her staff can make meals for those in need. She is partnering with the nonprofit Rethink Food and the GLIDE to distribute 300 meals a day. 

“Pandemic or no pandemic, hunger in America is off the roof,” Crenn told KCBS Radio. “And we need to feed the community.”

Crenn says she hopes to inspire “the community of San Francisco to be supporting of the restaurant community, and also be supportive of unprivileged people and just be more engaged in the community on every level.”

Petit Crenn will be closed to customers until January.