Fall Out Boy Teases Release of Long-Awaited 2008 Demo

The ‘Folie à Deux’-era “Lake Effect Kid” may be here soon

July 9, 2018
 Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy performs on stage at the Arena Birmingham

Press Association SIPA USA Today

2008 was really an incomparable time for the emos. From Fall Out Boy’s Folie à Deux to Panic! at the Disco’s Pretty. Odd. to the continued activity from My Chemical Romance, we were really thriving.

Leading up to the release of Folie à Deux, a raw and pop-punk demo of a Fall Out Boy song titled “Lake Effect Kid” surfaced.


The song was never officially released and was all but forgotten until a recent tweet from bassist Pete Wentz. Wentz shared this hand-written to-do list in response to fans and business partner Spencer Smith (ex-Panic! At The Disco drummer).  

The crossed out task of “Lake Effect Kid EP: Record and Design” leads fans to believe the official recording is completed and coming soon!