Old Daft Punk

Rumored Daft Punk Tour Awakens

October 5, 2016

Conspiracy theorists and Daft Punk fans everywhere rejoice after the enigmatic release of a new website.

The online page is called ‘Alive 2017’ and features a perpetually black background with five white letters, reading ALIVE. With no reasoning behind the creation of this website, fans speculate that this is the announcement of an upcoming world tour.

In the past, Daft Punk’s two tours have each been a decade apart; one in 1997 and another in 2007.  Further evidence shows that both of the electric-duo’s live albums are titled ‘Alive’ followed by the year of the tour. Based off these traditions, the sudden appearance of alive2017.com can only be explained by a 2017 tour.

If these rumors are true, the perfect venue for a kick-ass show is the brand new Golden 1 Center. Daft Punk, we’re looking at you!