Blue October's Get Back Up will be globally released on May 21st

May 5, 2020
Get Back Up- Blue October

Images provided by: Up/Down-Brando Records


From Director Norry Niven (Dexter, Chasing Shakespeare, American Idol) "Get Back Up" follows the incredible story behind Blue October's rise to fame, then it's equally quick demise, and now it's rebound. The film isn't just about the band, it adds a very personal touch and sheds light on the stigma with mental health issues. Mirroring Justin Furstenfeld's own personal suffering from depression, drugs and alcohol. Filmed over the span of a decade, "Get Back Up" showcases the personal perseverance of what it mean's to find balance and strength in health, mind, and family. 

"Get Back Up" will be globally released on May 21st, 2020. There will be a Pay Per View Event on Thursday, May 21st where Justin Furstenfeld will watch the film on line with audiences and do a Q&A on line after the World Premier on for an exclusive intimate experience. 

Pay Per View tickets are already on sale along with pre-sale rental and pre-sale purchase options at