Magic Giant, album release, Tour, The Today Show

MAGIC GIANT on The Today Show!

You may recognize MAGIC GIANT from our station, but now they’re hitting it big on The Today Show!

May 16, 2017

Before American indie folk band, MAGIC GIANT, stepped into the limelight they were being played right here on RADIO 94.7.  Their best know single “Set On Fire” has been igniting fans from all over the Sacramento region, so it’s no surprise when they were invited to perform at The Today Show on May 17th!

Made up of three multi-talented members, MAGIC GIANT uses a diverse group of instruments to create their signature sound.  Lead vocalist, Austin Bisnow, uses his voice, cello, synthesizer, and percussion to create a harmonious melody facilitated by backing vocals from bandmates Zambricki Li (banjo, fiddle, viola, harmonica, octave mandolin, acoustic guitar, dobro, lap steel) and Zang (acoustic guitar, cello, bass, percussion).  The tantalizing trio credits their musical style to be inspired by Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Julian Casablancas, and The Avett Brothers.

After the group formed in early 2014, they then took on the daunting task of naming the band.  The name first originated from a TED Talk by Peter Tunney (Visual Artist) that used the term “giant” referring to the ability to think big.  After hearing this, the indie-trio became MAGIC GIANT and coined the term “You don’t have to be big to be a giant”.  As of 2017, the band currently finished touring with The Revivalists (another RADIO 94.7 veteran) and are set to release their debut album, In The Wind on May 19th.

For more information regarding their album release and tour check out the link below!