#CityOfTrees: Get yo' zen on!

Take a look at the mind, body, soul and spirit experiences at City of Trees!

September 6, 2017

Living a healthy lifestyle is SO in right now! But being healthy isn't only about the food you fuel your body with, it's about much more than that. It's about strength. It's about happiness. It's about keeping your mind, body, soul and spirit connected to be the best you can be. City of Trees is bringing you an opportunity to relax and become better connected to yourself, both spiritually and physically (because what else would you want to do between the sets of your favorite bands?).

Have you wondered about your past, present and future? Have you wanted some answers on what awaits you ahead or advice on a current obstacle in your life? Perfect! Psychic of Sacramento will have a booth for you to visit at City of Trees! They will have psychics there to help guide you on your journey in life. Psychic of Sacramento will offer palm readings and tarot card readings to those interested in a spiritual connection (I mean, who wouldn't be? I know I'd want to know if I'm on the right path or not!) Make sure to stop by and let them help you de-stress.

For those wanting to focus on a duel beneficial experience, CorePower Yoga will be holding mini yoga sessions throughout the day for festival-goers looking to strengthen the connection between their mind and body. No matter your experience level, you can show off your yoga skills and win some cool prizes (which is awesome if you're like me and know nothing about yoga!) Additionally, you can take a break in between sets and attend the meditation station to calm your mind, body, soul and spirit to allow a less-stressed you to continue to enjoy City of Trees and all its glory!

From live music and shopping, to food, drinks and hair braiding, City of Trees has so much to offer! If you're thinking about upgrading, DO IT! VIP festival-goers will also have exclusive access to a viewing area with shade (what a perfect way to keep cool in this Sacramento heat), a VIP ONLY bar on the field (closer drinks = more drinks = more fun), and will receive a commemorative poster, just to name a few! This is not something you want to miss! Get your tickets here, and we will see you at City of Trees 2017!