A glimpse at the City of Trees food lineup!

September 1, 2017

Let’s all just agree, we LOVE food. Now, let’s be more specific. We love food even MORE when it’s accompanied by drinks (beer, tequila, you name it), interactive art (because who wouldn’t want artsy photos for the ‘gram) and live music (did I mention BLINK-182 yet?). This year, City of Trees is bringing you all that AND MORE! But for now, let’s talk about the tastiest part, the FOOD.

Let's start with Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen, which was voted #1 Food Truck in Sacramento by Sacramento A-List for the last two years! They have a variety of delicious options from a sandwich with grilled apples, honey and almonds, an all-beef bacon wrapped hot dog, and even a desert option for those with a sweet tooth, the S’moreski (hint hint to you Nutella lovers!). 

If you are a huge fan of bacon and cheese (like pretty much the entire world), you MUST try Bacon Mania! They have a bunch of specialty sandwiches (including an inside/outside grilled cheese!). We can’t forget the deep-fried hot dogs topped with their Mac (which also comes on just about everything). But if you still are craving some sweets, make sure to try their Cinni Bites (cinnamon rolls wrapped in bacon and deep fried). Who needs a diet, right?

College kids love Taco Bell, and now we’re bringing Taco Bell to the college kids (at City of Trees, of course). Make sure you stop by and grab a Doritos Locos Taco (or whatever your heart desires) and make your way to the Taco Bell Discovery Stage to listen to Iration, Bishop Briggs, Sir Sly and The Greeting Committee (see what I’m saying about great food and amazing music being a perfect pair?).

Farm-to-fork partner, Plates Midtown, will also be at City of Trees serving up farm-fresh, delicious meals. Sandwiches and salads with seared ahi tuna, teriyaki chicken, braised short ribs and SO much more will be available (because who wouldn’t want to eat farm-to-fork, am I right?). To make things even better, all proceeds from Plates Midtown will benefit the employment training program at Saint John's Program for Real Change


Now what if you decided to upgrade yourself and get VIP TICKETS to City of Trees?! Well, you'd have access to EXCULSIVE food options (more food, more fun, right?).


Where are all my gourmet burger lovers? What about Philly cheese steak lovers? Well you're in luck! Street Eatz has created a specialized menu available ONLY to VIP festival-goers (feelin' VIP yet?)! Not only will there be specialty, gourmet burgers and Philly cheese steaks, but you must check out their loaded fries menu (literally, to die for). From smoked pulled pork fries to pizza fries topped with pepperoni, their loaded fries are not something you wanna miss out on at City of Trees (is your mouth watering yet, because mine is)!


The best part is, this is just a tiny glimpse of what tasty food options City of Trees will have. There is so much more to be discovered! So, if you happen to be the one person in the world that still isn’t convinced (seriously, how can you pass up this delicious lineup?), you’ll just have to come see for yourself what a food-tastic time City of Trees will be! Make sure to buy your tickets here!