Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto's New Album Release and Single

May 20, 2017

It’s the beginning of the Summer season and as always RADIO 94.7 is starting it off with a bang!  On May 22nd we will debuting Beth Ditto’s first single “Fire” off her LP Fake Sugar right here on our station.  You may recognize her bold, bluesy voice from former rock band, Gossip, however Ditto’s long awaited solo album is much more evolved than any past productions.

The very first song on the full-length album is “Fire” which so perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the musical experience.  Opening with a heavy base-line and fierce vocals, listeners can immediately hear the evident passion that was missing in Gossip’s former LP.  Ditto explains that after pumping out the same formula with Gossip that “nobody’s heart was in it” anymore and therefore moved forward to create her own sound.  She wanted the new album to “sound more Southern than it does” to reflect her Arkansan roots, which don’t always shine through in her music.  This also creates a viable explanation as to why the music video for “Fire” depicts cowboys engaging in a hoedown.  Along with a southern charm Fake Sugar touches on family strength, punky grit, and hard work to create a dynamic new sound.

If “Fire” is a single that speaks to you, then don’t forget to check out Beth Ditto’s full solo album (track list below) which is set to release on June 16th!

Fake Sugar:

01 Fire
02 In and Out
03 Fake Sugar
04 Savoire Faire
05 We Could Run
06 Oo La La
07 Go Baby Go
08 Oh My God
09 Love in Real Life
10 Do You Want Me To
11 Lover
12 Clouds