Go Inside the Iconic Career of Phish on 'Long May They Run'

How a band defied tradition and became legendary

September 18, 2019

One of the best live bands in history didn’t get there overnight. Over the course of thirty years, Phish has built an experience, changing the touring industry and impacting the world of music forever. Their shows are unforgettable, and their fans are relentless. A new breed of devotion and a group that defies genre meeting for what seems like an endless, perfect partnership.

The career and impact of Phish are the subject of season one of Long May They Run, a new podcast series from C13Originals that explores the band with new interviews, music, and stories that surround their success.

Long May They Run is available on the RADIO.COM app, and will explore iconic touring bands who have left their mark on the music industry, their fans, and beyond. Season one it is all about Phish, and you can hear a special broadcast of episode one right here this Sunday September 22. Times vary by station.

Hosted by veteran music journalist and author Dean Budnick, Long May They Run features over 60 interviews with band members, managers, fans, and NBA All-Star and famous Phish aficionado Bill Walton. It’s an exclusive look at how a band builds a legacy, and becomes legendary.

Long May They Run is a production of C13Originals, a division of Cadence13.